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The College of Social Sciences is home to the departments of Economics, International Relations and Regional Studies, Public Administration, Media and Communication, offering programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

The College offers a vibrant environment for students and researchers and it houses a research center:

Graduates of the College of Social Sciences have highly successful careers in government, business and academia. Students can benefit from close ties with European and American partner universities and participate in exchange programs, pursue dual degrees options or prepare for their postgraduate studies.




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Dean’s Statement

“Dear Friends,

Gerald (1)
Greetings from the four departments that form the College of Social Sciences at KIMEP University!
The departments of Economics, International Relations and Regional Studies, Public and Municipal Administration, and Media and Communications offer some of the most stimulating and intellectually challenging programs in the country.

They prepare students for rewarding careers and leadership roles in finance, business, economic development, politics, international relations, public administration, public policy, journalism, and public relations.

Our faculty is unique in Kazakhstan because it comprises Kazakhstani scholars and professors from many other countries. They give our students an international perspective of Kazakhstan which they can get nowhere else – an edge that helps them succeed when they move into the job market.

If you want a first-class international education, if you want a vibrant academic environment, if you want to be among tomorrow’s leaders, if you want to make an important contribution to local and global society: Enroll in one of the four departments in the College of Social Sciences!”

Dr. Gerald Pech

College Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

The College promotes understanding about society, its structure, its relationship to both the state and the marketplace, and the means by which information is disseminated throughout society. The College accomplishes its purpose by:

  • developing graduates who are independent and highly qualified critical thinkers, who are well prepared for graduate social sciences study in English, and who can become the future leaders of the public and private sectors, including news media, in a modern Kazakhstan;
  • conducting and disseminating applied and academic research for the betterment of Kazakhstan and Central Asia more generally; and
  • contributing, through our graduates, to the securing of the foundations for democratic government, strong civil society, good laws and fair law enforcement in the region.

Mission Statement

The goal of the College is to aid in the building of civil society in Kazakhstan and, through our graduates who move beyond its borders, in Central Asia and the World. The College strives to play a significant role in promoting societal and political liberalization throughout the region, thereby contributing to the quality of people’s lives both materially and culturally.

The Strategy for achieving the mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge of diversified human economic, social and political experience relevant to Central Asia. We recognize that life is complex and that not all the situations our graduates will face will be easily understood. That’s why we prepare them to think analytically and critically about past and present human experience at the individual, group national and global level. That is also why we provide our students with the values, the basic analytical knowledge and techniques, and the employment-relevant and problem-solving skills they needed to be able to address both the anticipated and the unknown challenges that lie ahead in the twenty-first century. Our students are prepared for a wide variety of graduate programs in the social sciences and for career opportunities in business, journalism, government, social services and education.

We want all our students to experience a vibrant academic community, one in which they have opportunities:

  • to mix with foreign exchange and visiting field-work students;
  • to learn from, and to be mentored by, visiting professors and our well qualified and experienced foreign and local faculty;
  • to study abroad for credits at one of our world-class partner universities; and
  • to be paid teaching and research assistance working with faculty committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning, and research.
College Governance

The College is headed by the Dean, who is appointed by the President and who reports to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. He is assisted by:

  • the Associate Dean, who has responsibility for undergraduate programs;
  • the Chairs of the constituent Departments, who are responsible for the day-to-day administration of their Departments;
  • College Research Coordinator.

This group constitutes the College Executive Committee (Chairs meetings), which advises the Dean on College policy and operational issues
The key policy-making body is the College Council, which comprises the Dean (Chair), the other College office bears, elected faculty represented and student representatives nominated by the KIMEP Students Association, with observer status given to representative of other Colleges nominated by the respective Deans.
There are four standing College Committees, membership is by departmental nomination;

  • Hiring, Retention and Promotion Committee;
  • Disciplinary Committee;
  • Quality Assurance and Enhacement Committee; and
  • Research Committee.
Department of Economics

Eldar-Madumarov-1The Department of Economics is committed to delivering first-rate education in both theoretical and applied economics relevant to transition economies, integration into the world economy, and the operation of world commodities and financial markets. The department offers, undergraduate (BAE),graduate (MA) and post-graduate (PhD) degrees in economics. Students are trained to deal with managerial, governmental, and global economic problems by applying economic analysis to business and socio-economic problems and by proposing appropriate private sector and public policy remedies.

Our faculty members represent the largest concentration of highly trained and experienced economists with PhD degrees in the region. All our faculty are actively involved in teaching and research. Our graduates are prepared for careers in business, government, and academia.

Contact us:

Dr. Eldar Madumarov, Chair
E-mail: madumarov@kimep.kz
Tel.: +7 (727) 270 42 71 ext. 3071
Office 507 / Valikhanov building

Want to know how to apply for programs at KIMEP? The Admission Office has the answers!
Tel: +7 (727) 270-42-13; E-mail: uao@kimep.kz

Department of International Relations and Regional Studies

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies. The Department is excited that you have decided to join us. This would be, we are sure, one of the best decisions you have ever made about your study and career.

This is a Student-Oriented Department where it will be possible for you to craft your skills and tailor your expertise for your future job.

We offer you Highly Qualified Academicians from different countries of the world who are active scholars and researchers in different fields of International Relations and Regional Studies.

Here at the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies you will find a Student-Friendly Faculty: mutual trust, honesty and transparency are the values that drive a direct and personal relationship between students and faculty members.

This is going to be an Engaging Learning Experience for you: we promote critical thinking and personal development for an up-to-date and innovative knowledge of international relations and regional studies. As a graduate student of our Department you will appreciate how we engage students in research projects and how we are creating a Lively Academic Environment through the initiatives of the Central Asian Studies Center (You can follow our initiatives on facebook CASC).

The Department of International Relations and Regional Studies offers an undergraduate program – BIR (Bachelor of International Relations) – and a graduate program – MIR (Master of International Relations).

The Bachelor of International Relations (BIR) program offers you three competitive specializations:
– International Relations,
– Comparative Politics and Society
–  Central Asian Studies, and can be completed in three to four years’ time.

Core courses include fundamentals and theories of international relations, social and political theories, global economics, comparative politics, internship and a seminar course for special issues in international affairs. Beside you can choose which elective courses you want to take among those offered in your major. For example, the major in international relations offers elective courses such as: Terrorism and Security, Diplomatic and Consular Service, Russia – United States Relations, Government and Politics in Europe. The BSSIR focuses on training students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as a specific knowledge of English language in the field of international relations.

KIMEP has extensive exchange programs that allow our students to spend a semester abroad in recognized universities all around the world.

The BIR provide some financial assistance on a competitive basis in form of both merit-based and need-based scholarships (to check if it is still true)

The Master in International Relations (MIR) is an engaging program that can be completed in three semesters. Core courses are organized to provide advanced critical thinking, analytical and research skills, as well as an advanced up-to-date knowledge of theories of international relations, global economy, development studies and Central Asian role in the world. The elective courses offer you the possibility of refining your skills and knowledge according to your preferences: they range from Petropolitcs to Asian Security to Ethics in International Affairs. The challenge and satisfaction of writing of a major research project in form of a two semesters thesis is the culmination of your academic career at the MIR.

We have an existing dual degree with the IMRCEES (International Master in Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies) of the University of Glasgow and we are finalizing a dual degree with the Master in Global Affairs and Policy and the Master of Arts in Korean Studies from Yonsei University. MIR students, selected on a competetive basis, can opt for a dual degree and earn two Master degrees in two years from two renown academic institutions.

The Master in International Relations offers 10 merit-based full-tuition scholarships assigned on a competitive basis and other need-based scholarships.  (to check if it is still true for next academic semester)

After graduating our undergraduate and graduate students are able to successfully continue their academic experience in any university in the world or to work in high profile positions within the Kazakhstan public sector, banks and financial institutions, multinational companies including oil and gas, UN bodies, prominent international NGOs, and renowned businesses locally and overseas.

We wish you all the best of luck in choosing your future academic life and if you decide to join us we will be dedicated to assisting you in reaching your full potential.

For more information, see IMRCEES at KIMEP



Contact us:
Dr. Nygmet Ibadildin, Chair
Email: nygmet@kimep.kz
Tel.: +7 (727) 270 42 79
ext. 3085
Office 204A / Valikhanov building
Department of Public Administration

Francis-Amagoh-2We deliver international standard education and research in public policy, administration, and management relevant to our region. To accomplish this mission, the department offers a bachelor degree in Public and Municipal Administration in the fields of Public Management, Financial Management; a master degree in Public and Municipal Administration; and a PhD in Public Administration. The department’s faculty members, staff, and students seek to understand and improve economic, environmental, and social conditions through our teaching, research, and public service.

Contact us:

Tel.: +7 (727) 270 42 66 ext. 3058
Office 306b / Valikhanov building

Department of Media and Communications

Milen-Nikolaev-Filipov-3The Department of Media and Communications provides a path for obtaining practical online, broadcast and print journalism skills. The Department has a unique and well-equipped media laboratory for developing specific skills, such as computer design, news writing and editing, television news production, and strategic Public Relations (PR) campaign creation. No other school of journalism in Kazakhstan offers you the same kind of opportunities to develop into skilled media professionals that KIMEP’s does.

The Department has strong ties with leaders in the international media – The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in Washington, USA and the Thomson Foundation (TF) in Cardiff, UK. The Department also has contacts with the Kazakhstani Congress of Journalists and the Kazakhstani Press Club, among others. It maintains excellent industry relationships, facilitating second-to-none internship and career opportunities.

The U.S. Embassy, USAID, 31 Channel Media Holding, Proctor & Gamble, the Almaty Herald, LG Electronics, Astana Motors, NTK Channel and Shahar TV & Radio company, among others, have all hired KIMEP journalism graduates.

Handbook DMC (1.5 MB)

Contact us:
Milen Filipov, Chair
E-mail: mfilipov@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 270-42-96 ext. 3115
Office 416 / Valikhanov building

Staff Profiles

Dinara Nurmanova
Administrative Manager
Email: zdinara@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-43-40 Ext: 3471
Office: 302A/ Valikhanov bld
MPA, KIMEP University

Kamila Mussina
Program Coordinator
Email: css_coordinator@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-42-12 Ext: 3266
Office: 507 / Valikhanov bld
MSc in Educational Leadership program, Nazarbayev University; MBA, KIMEP University

Zhamilya Utarbayeva
Internship Coordinator
Email: css_internship@kimep.kz / zhamilya@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-42-11 Ext: 3233
Office: 306 / Valikhanov bld

Mussa Akbayev, Secondary Technical Education
Media Lab Coordinator, Department of Media and Mass Communication
Email: m.akbayev@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-43-06 Ext: 3130/3486
Office: 403 / Valikhanov bld

Aigul Ainabekova
CSS Program Coordinator
Email: aigulb@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-43-11, ext. 3473
Office # 509 Valikhanov building
MPA, KIMEP University